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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our producer partner is awarded by the most prestigious prices of national and international extra virgin olive oil competitions:


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It comes from the main Moroccan olive region bringing a great legacy and  heritage in the art of the producing the most prestigious Olive Oil.
The Meknes region may have centuries-old olive groves, some of which are more than 4 centuries old.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olis comes from olive orchards biologically treated and crushed by our award-winner producer of the largest national and international competitions.


Olive oil is a product widely used in gastronomy, thanks to its exceptional flavor and the many properties it has for health (Helps to lose weight, relieves various types of pain, prevents mental degeneration, has anti-cancer properties, fights diabetes, strengthens the immune system, decreases blood pressure, regulates cholesterol, smoothes hair and naturally moisturizes the skin).

OLIS : L'origine !!

Azeite de Oliva Olis Marrocos. Período de colheita e trituração sob o sol marroquino. Période de récolte et de trituration sous le soleil marocain !!

Publiée par Olis gourmets sur Samedi 3 février 2018

Each varieties of olives could be produced under different quality such as Premium and Organic with Intense or Sweet flavors.

The different varieties of olives proposed are the following: Picual, Arbecuine, Koronéiki, Picholine



  • Type of flavor: Intense.
  • Flavor: Very fruity, with lots of body, aromas of fresh olive and dried fruit, notes of tomato, green grass, fig, green wood.


  • Type of flavor: Sweet
  • Flavor: Light and sweet palate, delicate aromas, slightly sweet, notes of green almond and cut grass.


  • Type of flavor: Intense.
  • Flavor: Very fruity, aromas of fresh herb, green apple and tomato leaf. There is a tip of bark and fig and sometimes banana.


  • Type of flavor: Intense
  • Flavor: Very fruity and green, this oil with bitterness and light spiciness is characterized by aromas of plums and pineapples with herbaceous notes.

Certificate of tasting olive oil enhancement – AVPA PARIS

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